Personalized wooden

Cosmetic packaging
personalized and ecological

Capture your customers’ attention and encourage them to buy cosmetics with a carefully detailed packaging. 
We produce caps for cosmetics, closures for bottles, bottles and jars, containers for cosmetic creams, droppers and more.

tappi in legno per profumatori d'ambiente - Torneria legno Todeschini - Bergamo

Wooden caps
for perfumes and cosmetics

Give elegance to your perfumes, cosmetics, home diffusers: choose a wooden cap with a particular design.
Different shapes and sizes to contain all fragrances and products.

Practical objects to keep in your the kitchen, made with wooden original designs.
Among these, you can find the honey dipper, which will effective help you to gently spread honey on cheeses and other dishes.

Oggetti per la gastronomia
Vari accessori in legno moda

Our little accessories embellish purses and clothes. Spheres and spools meticulously carved in wood: you cannot do without it!

Since 1930
wood turning in the province of Bergamo

Our gaze aims at future improvements, without forgetting our origins. For three generations the Todeschini family have been creating small wooden parts. For us, wood is home.

Our production is FSC® certified

Our production is FSC® certified for the Chain of Custody. The FSC® identifies all the steps of wood and its derivatives, including intermediate ones, that lead from the forest to the consumer.
With an FSC® certification, we contribute to the development of an ethical and responsible system for good forest management.

We can provide FSC® certified products on request.

Our experience

I've been raised up doing wood turning: to me, creating wooden object is more than a simple work, it's a passion.
The same passion I have when I try to satisfy all my clients' needs.

Roberto Todeschini

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