Decorative and scented candle packaging

Wooden caps and glasses for candle packaging

Decorative, scented and unscented candles are increasingly requested to embellish, perfume and create atmospheres in homes (but also in work offices). Packaging is essential: a beautiful packaging wins people’s attention!

Torneria Todeschini produces wooden caps for candles of different sizes. They will make candles a refined and decorative object. The caps can also be used as a candle holder.

Thanks to collaboration with glassmakers, we can create the complete packaging.

The wooden caps are meant for decorative candles, scented candles, unscented candles, and can be used in wax shops, perfumeries, gift shops and other businesses.

Customized wooden caps for candle packaging

We make wooden caps for candle packaging. Wood is a durable and ecological material, which responds to consumers’ requests for sustainability.

You can customize the caps according to your needs, choosing sizes and colours. You can keep the natural wood or paint the caps with different shades (also fluorescent shades).

Wooden caps can also be customized with the logo of your company or shop, or with designs of your choice.

Glasses for candles

We collaborate with glassmakers and specialized suppliers who produce glasses and jars that we use in candle packaging.

We offer glasses of different sizes. Glass gives elegance to the product and does not alter the properties of the candle.

The “minimal” appearance of candles makes them an ideal object for homes, offices, shops. Candles create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.