Cosmetic and perfume packaging, customized and ecological

We create cosmetic and perfume packaging and home fragrance diffusers for your company.
Pay attention to every detail while creating a packaging is important: a beautiful package will help you win your customers’ interest, encouraging them to purchase your product.
We produce perfume caps, bottles and jars closures, containers for cosmetic creams, droppers and more. We use advanced technologies to customize products and quantities based on your needs. Our collaboration with glassmakers and specialized suppliers allows us to provide you with the complete cosmetic packaging.

Ecological and plastic-free packaging

Many consumers care about the environmental sustainability of products and packaging. We also care about it, and thus we create customized, ecological and plastic-free packaging for perfumes and cosmetics.
For our caps and jars, we use wood, a non-polluting and reusable material, with low production costs. We collaborate with glassmakers and suppliers for refined and recyclable glass bottles.

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Perfume packaging materials:
caps and glass containers

We produce customized perfume caps using all the infinite potential of wood; we work carefully to meet your needs. Thanks to the collaboration with glassmakers, we can also supply you with bottles.

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Wooden perfume caps

We make wooden perfume caps in various shapes, colors and sizes, creating different models, from the simplest ones to more particular solutions.
Our caps and jars for bottles combine functionality with beauty: on request, we can also create customized finishes and engravings, with various effects (soft-touch, rust, metallized) and writing and logos (made with serigraphy, laser or pad printing).

Glass containers for perfumes (third party production)

We collaborate with glassmakers and specialized suppliers for the production of cosmetic and fragrance packaging. Our caps close glass perfume bottles and containers, of different shapes and sizes, depending on the dosage of the product.
For our perfume packaging, we use glass, a refined and elegant material that keeps the fragrance’s cosmetic properties intact, ensuring its quality.

Cosmetic Packaging:
jars and containers for creams and more

We can provide you with quality packaging for creams and other cosmetic products, carefully finished in every detail. You have the possibility to customize your cosmetic packaging.

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Wooden closures for cosmetics

We work wood for cosmetic packaging. We produce wooden caps, lids, pump covers, droppers, lipsticks, and caps for nail polish and for glass bottles.

We guarantee the possibility to customize shapes (square, round or more particular caps), dimensions and colors. On request, we also produce finishes and engravings.

Glass bottles for cosmetics (third party production)

Glaziers and specialized suppliers produce cream jars, bottles and containers that we use in our cosmetic packaging. We can offer containers of different shapes and sizes, to meet all needs.
Glass containers give luxury and elegance to your product; moreover, the glass does not alter the cosmetic properties of creams and lotions, maintaining their quality intact.

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Caps and bottles
for home fragrance diffusers

We produce wooden caps for home fragrance diffusers: we carefully design the caps, customizing them according to your needs. Complete with sticks, the diffuser is a functional and beautiful object you can place in your home, shop or office.

Let’s think about your cosmetic and perfume packaging

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