FSC® certification

We care about sustainability and protection of the environment and forests.
For this reason we wanted to obtain the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification for the Chain of Custody, which identifies all the steps of the materials used (wood and derivatives) that lead from the forest to the final consumer – including the intermediate steps of production, transformation, finishing and distribution.
With an FSC® certification, we contribute to the development of an ethical and responsible system that promotes good forest management.

FSC® certification for the protection of forests and plantations

The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 1993 in Canada by numerous subjects (including environmental groups, forest owners, groups of indigenous peoples, wood industries, research centers).

Its purpose is to promote a management of forests and plantations that is respectful of workers and local populations and economically sustainable.

FSC® pursues these objectives by defining and approving a set of rigorous “Principles and Criteria (Standards) of good forest management”, developing different Forest Management Standards depending on the areas.

What is the chain of custody?

The chain of custody is the traceability process that ensures the certified origin of a wooden product or resulting from it.

Therefore, wood from an FSC® certified forest can be marketed under the brand (but it is not mandatory) and used to make various types of wood-based products or wooden derivatives.

The FSC® certified wood material must be traceable in the many stages of woodworking and in the many commercial steps – from the arrival of the logs to the sawmill to the production of semi-finished products (such as panels, plywood) up to the finished product (furniture, floor, tool, paper).

Thus  every company that works with wood must guarantee the traceability of the FSC® certified wood material, respecting the conditions and parameters set by FSC®.

Torneria Todeschini’s production is FSC® certified

Torneria Todeschini Legno has decided to give its customers the possibility of an FSC® certified production, implementing an FSC® Chain of Custody Management System in accordance with the FSC®-STD-40-004 V3.0 standard. This standard applies to some of our processes and products:

  • Purchase of 100% FSC solid wood planks, slats, poles and posts.
  • Production of furniture parts, musical instrument parts, wooden toys and games, brooms, brushes and brush handles, tableware, kitchen utensils and wooden parts, tools, tool frames and handles, wheels and other products in 100% FSC wood.

Our commitment is focused on:

  • Check the certification or certified status of the purchased forest raw materials and their suppliers;
  • Ensure the absence of timber from controversial sources within our certified products;
  • Train the personnel directly involved in the Chain of Custody System;
  • Suspend the sale as FSC® if the product does not comply with the requirements of the applicable Standard, in particular if a material not certified according to the FSC® Standard is introduced into the product;
  • Use the FSC® (On Product and Off Product) trademark in full compliance with the rules established by the applicable Standards and with the timely authorization of our Certification Body.

Do you need
FSC® certified products?

We can supply FSC® certified products on request, fill out the form and tell us your idea, we will reply as soon as possible!

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