Passamanterie, curtains accessories and buttons
Decoration for your furnishing

In recent years, Torneria Todeschini has expanded its production, but it has never forgotten its origins:
the company was born making passamenterie and trimmings.

Our products include borders and ornaments to adorn decorative items: our products are created by working the wood on the lathe, smoothing it and then painting it. The different shapes and sizes make our passamenterie and trimmings adaptable to many styles of interior design.

We guarantee professionalism and respect for the arranged deadlines. We will work to best meet your needs,
carefully following every step of the project.

Trimmings and curtains accessories for interior design

Given our tradition, we continue to produce quality trimmings, to be used for decorative purposes on home furnishings. We also make curtains accessories, including curtains rods, rings and tie-backs.

Our products are made with wood and materials of high quality, making each piece unique and original. The wood is worked to the lathe, honed and polished. If necessary, it can be customized and coloured using of safe paints.


Tapered buttons with holes and grooves: the production by Torneria Todeschini includes a large catalogue. Wooden buttons can be customized in shape and amount.

High quality wood is worked to the lathe, honed and polished to create the buttons. Various shapes, sizes and patterns are made by the expert hands of our artisans. For every need, we will be ready to find the best solutions.

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