Wooden Games
Fun in the wood

Even in the era of technology, the magic of wooden games enchants adults and children.

Torneria Todeschini produces wooden games that will delight both nostalgic adults and curious children. The wood is carefully
worked on the lathe, honed, polished and varnished with different shades, making beautiful and funny toys.

Torneria Todeschini games are created with skilfulness, choosing wood of high quality. We will always talk with you to know
your needs and thus find customizable solutions.

Wooden dice and pawns for draughts

Many are the games that see the presence of wooden dice and pawns, all of them are very appreciated, such as the Game of the Goose and the draughts.
The dice and pawns by Torneria Todeschini are made by working the wood, and then they are varnished with different shades, if necessary. They can be customized according to one’s needs.

Wooden spinning tops and yo-yos

Wooden spinning tops and yo-yos are fun games to spend your time with, whether you’re alone or in company. They will be able to enchant children by offering them a recreational activity.

Torneria Todeschini produces spinning tops and yo-yos using quality wood, moulded and honed; safe paints are used to colour the games with various shades.

Other toys

In addition to wooden dice, pawns, yo-yos and spinning tops, Torneria Todeschini produces other fun toys, always working skilfully on the raw materials.

“Catch the ball” and wooden dolls are some of the toys we make. In fact, we listen to our costumers’ needs: we will try to satisfy your demands, putting into play all our creativity in the production of new shapes and toys.

In addition to the pawns and
the other wooden games,
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