Honey Dippers and Gastronomy
Wooden kitchen accessories

Torneria Todeschini produces kitchen accessories using wood of high quality,
which is worked on the lathe and then honed.

Wood is a material that is still appreciated because it is durable and beautiful.
Among the kitchen accessories produced by Torneria Todeschini, the most important is the honey dipper,
a basic accessory for spreading honey. We also produce other accessories such as wooden caps
and coasters, jar holders and wooden egg cups.

Professionalism and punctuality are the keywords of our work:
Torneria Todeschini will try to fully satisfy all of your needs.

Honey dipper

A practical object to spread honey, created with the elegance of wood. We make different sizes for all of your needs.

Caps for wine bottles, coasters and other accessories

Wine and liquor caps, coasters, jar holders and egg cups: the production by Torneria Todeschini is varied and of great quality.

In addition to wooden kitchen accessories,
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