Wine bottles caps, coasters and other accessories
Honey dipper and gastronomy

Wood tools and accessories are widely used and appreciated for their beauty and functionality. Torneria Todeschini manufactures wooden bottle caps for wine bottles, wooden coasters and other wooden kitchen accessories, using timber of high quality. They are refined and functional to use.

"Wooden caps, coasters, jar holders and egg cups: all products are made by carefully choosing the timber."

Accessori per gastronomia in legno - Torneria legno Todeschini (Bergamo)

Wooden caps for wine bottles and coasters

We produce different shapes and sizes for wooden bottle caps for wine and liquor bottles, each with a unique and original design.
The wood is worked on the lathe and then sanded.
In addition to the caps, we also make coasters; because of their flat shapes, even the caps for creams are used for this purpose.

Jar holders

Honey jar holders are a practical item to keep the jars in order. Made with carefully selected timber, they can have special shapes and sizes,
depending on the design.
They are a fine accessory for gastronomy, which can be given as a wedding favours at weddings or at other special occasions, combined with
the practical honey dipper.

Wooden egg cups

Since ancient times the egg cup have been a container used to eat boiled eggs with their shell. Torneria Todeschini’s egg cups are made with
beech wood, worked on the lathe and then honed. You can find different elegant shapes; the egg cups can be customized.
The Todeschini turning works with professionalism and quality since 1930, respecting the delivery times and trying to satisfy all the needs
of our customers.

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and other accessories,
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