Wooden perfume caps
Of different sizes, shapes and colours​

Torneria Todeschini produces wooden caps of different shapes and sizes. We know that in a perfume, there is not only the fragrance pleasure, but also the beauty of the container.

The caps will embellish the perfume bottles, making them special and refined design objects. Torneria Todeschini uses high quality materials: beech is the most used wood in our production, but we also use other refined varieties.

We work on the idea of ​​the cap shape, making it directly to the lathe. You can customize the wooden perfume caps according to your needs, choosing shapes and colours. At each stage of the project, we talk with our customer, to be sure to produce products that fully meet his/her needs and demands.

100% plastic free caps!

Like many consumers and companies, we also care about environmental sustainability. We make the caps using wood, a non-polluting and reusable material, which also has low production costs.
On your request, we can combine caps with glass bottles, supplied by our glassworkers: you will have an ecological packaging, falling in line with latest trends!

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Home fragrances diffuser

Wooden caps to embellish the home fragrances diffuser, combining the elegance of the design with the pleasing scent. Various shapes, sizes and colours, to make the cap a beautiful item.

Car air fresheners

You can always carry wooden perfume caps with you, embellishing and perfuming the inside of your car. We make special creations, putting our creativity in play to come up with the best result.

Wooden caps for cosmetics

The beauty of the packaging matches with perfumes and other cosmetics. Torneria Todeschini makes caps using the best timber, which gives refinement to the result.

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