Car Air Freshener
Wooden Caps

Bring fragrances of delicate aromas into your car with a car air freshener. Small bottles with special wooden caps will perfume the interior of your car and give it a touch of class.

Torneria Todeschini’s production includes wooden caps for car air fresheners. The fragrances are enclosed in small vials with caps of special design and with a yarn that allow you to fix the car air freshener to the interior rear view mirror.

"A small object to embellish and perfume the car: Torneria Todeschini's wooden caps for a car air freshener are an elegant addition to the car."

Torneria Todeschini creates its caps giving them different shapes, from the simplest and smooth ones to the particular ones, such as round or “tree-like” caps. The attention to the details makes the caps objects of great quality that fit the size of the vials. We will customize the caps according to your needs, varnishing them in different colours, from white, to red, to black.

Professionalism, observance of delivery times and customer support at every stage of the project are the key features of Torneria Todeschini, wood turning company since 1930.

tappi in legno per profumatori auto
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The wooden caps made by Torneria Todeschini are 100% Plastic Free. Find out more about our production →

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