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Wooden Caps

Home fragrance diffusers give your rooms the freshness and refinement of fine aromas. An elegant bottle contributes to make it beautiful and functional.Torneria Todeschini produces wooden caps for home fragrances diffusers, giving special attention to the design. The perfume diffuser thus becomes a beautiful piece of furnishings, to be placed in houses, shops or offices, fitting in with any style of interior design.

"Home fragrance diffusers of elegant design: Torneria Todeschini's wooden caps help make the reed diffusers a great item."

Torneria Todeschini allows to customize the production of wooden caps, depending on the needs and types of bottles and perfume diffusers. Shapes and sizes can vary: we produce square or round caps of various sizes. Also, we varnish the wood, colouring the caps in different shades, and provide the sticks for the diffusion of the aroma.

We make our wooden caps working professionally, always focusing on the needs of the customer. We strictly respect delivery times, following the project at every stage.

realizzazione di tappi in legno conto terzi
Packaging per profumi plastic free - logo bianco
Torneria Todeschini manufactures 100% Plastic Free wooden caps. Learn all about our ecological caps →

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