Wooden Caps for Cosmetics
Wooden Caps

Torneria Todeschini produces wooden caps for cosmetics and perfumes.
In the cosmetics sector a beautiful packaging is important: with their elegance, our wooden caps will capture your customers’ attention.

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Torneria Todeschini produces  100% Plastic Free caps. Learn more about the wooden caps →

Types of caps for cosmetics

Lids for cream jars

The caps for cream and lotion jars, with their flat and round shapes, are an accessory that makes the packaging more refined.

Closurers for bottles

Caps and closures, made in different sizes, give elegance to bottle for creams of all types, from hand creams to face creams. The caps, like those for disc-tops, enrich the packaging.

Caps for cosmetic and soap dispensers

With linear or more particular shapes, the caps complete the packaging of cosmetic and soap dispensers, making it unique.

Types of caps for perfumes

Perfume caps

Made with round, square or grooved shapes, the perfume caps by Torneria Todeschini give uniqueness and particularity to the containers.

Caps for perfume pumps

Modelled with slender lines, our wooden caps act as a cover for perfumes and give a touch of elegance to perfume bottles.

Metal rings for perfumes

The round shapes of the rings accentuate the sinuosity of the bottle or container. We can combine wood with metal rings to improve the aesthetics of the packaging.

Why choose ours wooden caps for
cosmetics and perfumes

Wood: natural material for ecological packaging in cosmetics

We work wood meticulously. Wood is an ecological and sustainable material; we take care of every detail and we use specific technologies.
Wooden caps’ production costs are low: thus, we can combine product quality with high productivity.

Wide variety of colours and customized shapes

We can offer you a wide variety: we customize the caps in different shapes and sizes, creating many models, from simple ones to more particular solutions. Once manufactured, we paint the caps with different colours, and then we smooth and polish them.

Not only caps: we’re also packaging suppliers

In addition to the caps, we produce other packaging components for cosmetics and perfumes, such as lipsticks and droppers.
Each of our products is based on customer needs.

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