Wooden Wedding Favors and place cards for wedding
Original ideas for weddings

For weddings or other special occasions, a wooden object is an original and
elegant idea to impress your guests.

The production by Torneria Todeschini includes wedding favors and original place cards
to be used the day of the wedding.
Made of wood of high quality, the wedding favors and the place cards have different shapes and sizes,
and they’re customizable according to one’s need.

Our staff follows the project at every stage of its development, from the idea to
the production to the woodturning.
We work professionally, and guarantee punctual delivery times.
Customer satisfaction is our first goal: we will try to find the perfect solution for you.

Wooden wedding

Finding the perfect idea for the wedding favours is always challenging. Why not surprise the guests with a refined wooden object?

The wedding favours by Torneria Todeschini are honed and varnished in different colours to make each piece unique. You can choose to give colourful boxes holding comfits embellished with ribbons of various shades. By gifting a personalized keychain with the date of the wedding, your guests will always bring with them the memory of your nuptials. Another original idea is the honey dipper: practical and functional, it will certainly be appreciated, perhaps combined with honey jars and wooden jar holders.

Besides marriage, wooden favours can be given at other ceremonies and important moments, such as Christening or Holy Communion.

Original wooden
place cards

Using a place card is a useful and practical way to assign seats to guests on wedding (or other special ceremonies) reception tables. With the wooden place cards by Torneria Todeschini you will add elegance to functionality.

The place cards of our production are made of quality wood, turned on the lathe, honed and polished. You can also use them as a napkin ring to give a refined touch to the table. There are different shapes and sizes, and the place cards can be personalized according to your needs.

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