Our history
Woodworking and small wooden parts from 1930

For three generations, Torneria Todeschini have been manufacturing wooden products and small wooden parts with skilfulness and attention to the details.

Torneria Todeschini is a “family affair”: it was born in 1930 thanks to Giacomo Todeschini’s passion for woodworking, and he handed down his activity to his son and then to his grandson. Over the years, Torneria has gained more and more experience in the field, learning new and in-depth skills and always looking to the future.

The fundamental steps
of our journey

The passementerie

At the beginning, Torneria works mainly in the production of furniture, toys, ornaments and above all passementerie and trimmings. Torneria Todeschini produces borders and accessories to decorate or refine decorative objects, paying attention to the smallest details.

Opening to new areas

The company continues its business, continuing to produce passementerie and trimmings and at the same time opening up to other sectors. Commitment and professionalism characterize the daily work. Thanks to new technologies, our turnery specializes in the realization of generic wooden small parts.

Today's activity

Today Torneria Todeschini works in various woodworking fields, without forgetting its roots. Wooden perfume caps, fashion accessories, honey dippers: these are just some of the products that are part of our turnery’s catalogue. We look towards the future, towards new uses of wood, a material that has always played a key role in men’s lives.

the company and the production

Torneria Todeschini is located in Berbenno, in the Imagna Valley, a few kilometres from Bergamo. We use special woodworking machinery, including the numerical control lathe. The use of these machines guarantees high productivity, meeting the most varied needs, from small volumes to large-scale production.

FSC® certification

We want to protect the forests and guarantee our customers a certified production: therefore we have obtained the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification for the Chain of Custody, which identifies all the steps of wood (and its derivatives) from the forest to the consumer. The standard applies to our workings, including kitchen utensils and wooden toys and games.

We can offer FSC® certified products on request.

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